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Watersport Center Bonaire is located at Coralium Hotel and Vilas Bonaire.

Closely located to the main road with large parking area right in front.


In our shop and experience center you will find everything you want for your water sports inspiration. From SUP's to Wakeboards and accessories we have it all. 


Step into our large gear room and get inspired to choose your favorite activities for your tour.

Our spacious dock offers perfect conditions to depart with our boat, but also for sup rental en lessons. 

You are welcome to enjoy our terrace with a cold drink while watching over the water. 

Watersport Cente Bonaire


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We have a great selection of gear and accessories in our shop at WATERSPORT CENTER BONAIRE. Visit us or send us a Whatsapp message with your request. 


Can't find what you are looking for on our website? Please send us a massage with your request. 

We offer a large selection of quality watersports gear and accessories in our shop at Watersport Center Bonaire.


We are proud dealers for JOBE Watersports on the ABC islands. We use the same quality gear on our tours that we sell in our shop. We can give you first hand experience advise. 

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Our boat


We are super proud to present our Axopar X Jobe XXII REVOLVE boat, she is not just pretty but also the best boat on the island for water sports and all-round boating. 

This new model was lounged in 2020 and already won 3 prices for best boat in terms of handling and performance, seaworthiness, safety and comfort onboard.

Problems like sea sickness, back pain and uncomfortable rides are not an issue onboard with us. This boat is specially designed to cut trough the water without effort to create the most comfortable ride.

Equiped with smart tow system to make tow sports easy, fun and safe. You can choose your favorite tow profile and be sure of a perfect launch. 


She is powered by a 200HP Mercury engine, a luxury lounge sofa, fusion signature audio system and has a fresh water shower on board. Since December 2022 she was expended with a large T-top roof for extra comfort shading, giving her this complete look. 

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Our Vision

WhatSup Bonaire Vision

We offer unique and high quality water sports experiences. We proudly choose quality over quantity. We understand that you book a tour with us because you want to spend quality time with your friends or family. A quality experiences starts with quality gear and quality service.

I remember the first time snorkeling above coral, and the first time standing up on the wakeboard and every time I see my family laugh together on a towable. We want to give you that same feeling of accomplishment, amazement and create those memories. We provide experiences you can take home and look back onto for ever. 

WhatSup quality and service
Learning vision

We understand that everyone enjoys different activities on a different pace. Everyone is welcome, we offer fun activities for every age and experience level. No matter if it is the first time in the ocean or if you like to 360 in the air. We offer expert guidance to make sure you enjoy the activities you want and enjoy them together

Doing watersports for the first time can be exiting, nervous or scary. We know how important it is to feel comfortable. On the boat, in the water and especially when you want to try new water sports. We will do everything we can to make sure your first experience is a positive one you will remember for ever. 

WhatSup Bonaire eigenaren Robert & Elora samen aan het poseren tijdens het duiken.
About Us

About Us

WhatSup Bonaire Robert


Robert started WhatSup Bonaire in 2019 beside his regular job in construction engineering. His primary goal was to bring new activities to Bonaire.  

He grew up around boats and spend a lot of time on the water. 

He loves doing watersports like scuba diving, wakeboarding and kitesurfing.


'What I like about our tours so much is that every day we meet new exiting people. I love to show them the beautiful coast line of Bonaire. And seeing people have fun together behind the boat on a towable or wakeboard is the most rewarding'  


Elora has worked as a dive instructor all over the world for the past 7 years.

She is a very experienced instructor and rescue swimmer. 

She loves to show you the beautiful marine life around Bonaire and to help you learning new watersports. 

'I like to help people learn new sports and I gladly jump in the water with you to overcome any difficulties. 

However, the most important thing is always that you have fun.'

WhatSup Bonaire Elora
Stand up paddle boarding met een e-snorkel scooter
Watesports activities
Sea Scooter


E-Snorkeling is great fun for all levels of snorkeling! 

The sea scooters are easy to handle, they have 3 different speeds A great way to experience snorkeling if you are not a strong swimmer, they are also good fun to play and dive down if you are a confident swimmer.

Sea Scooters are available on private REVOLVE Boat tour, on E-Snorkeling tour from the beach and through E-Snorkeling Rental package.

All watersports activities


WhatSup Bonaire -  Hydra towable 1p-1-12.jpg

A Single towable is ideal to bring when combining multiple activities on one tour. Because this towable fits inside the boat we can drive faster when this towable is included on a tour. 

Towable ride - WhatSup Bonaire.jpg

Sit comfortably on this towable while enjoying an exhilarating ride over the water. this towable is very appropriate with your kids.  

WhatSup Bonaire - Chaser 4p towable-1-12.jpg

super fun to enjoy together with a group of friends or older kids. 

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Rent a SUP board and explore the canals or coast on your own pace.

Depart right from our location at Watersport Center Bonaire.

Or rent a SUP Package for take away. 

You can also book a one hour beginner lesson in our confined water right from our dock.


SUP Rental Package

- High quality Inflatable

  JOBE SUP board

- Hand pump

- Paddle

- Leash

- 10L Drybag

- Waterproof phone case

- Instruction cards


- lifejackets

- Mask & snorkel set

- Kayak paddle

With our REVOLVE Boat we provide the perfect wakeboard experience. The smart tow system guarantees a gradual en safe launch. What makes getting up much easier. 

With high quality JOBE wakeboard equipment.

We have different wakeboards, comfortable neoprene vests and helmets. Everything you need for a successful wakeboard session. We offer wakeboarding for kids as young as 7 years old. 

New to wakeboarding? sent us a message to request your lessons.



WhatSup Bonaire -  Sentry kneeboard-1-13.jpg


The board has a handle with integrated tow hook. Kneeboarding is a great activity for beginner watersporters looking for an exiting and easy experience on the water!

Available on the 'Watersport tour' and 'Private half day tour'


Waterskis are available on private tours. 

The Jobe Hemi combo waterskis are the perfect water skis for beginners. The wide profile makes starts super easy and the detachable stabilizing bar keeps your skis together.


We also offer waterski for kids from 4 years old on our special kids ski trainers. 

Available on the 'Wakeboard tour' and 'Private half day tour'

waterski bonaire


life vest
kids life vest
baby life vest

We truly have every size vest, from vests for infants to 5XL.

Our standard water sports vest are high quality impact vest made from neoprene, they offer a comfortable fit and more warmth. 

For the little ones we have special neoprene kids water sports vests in different sizes.

And for infants under the 20kg we offer high quality vests with extra floatation. 


We provide helmets with ear protection on all tow activities. Helmets are available in sizes XS to XL.

mercury engine REVOLVE boat

Smart tow

Our REVOLVE boat is equipped with a smart tow system. 

This makes watersports much safer.. We can set a maximum speed to never go faster then your comfort. We can also choose 5 different launching profiles, this way we create a launch that builds up gradually and is always the same way so you know what to expect. 

Safety gear

Safety Gear

Your safety is most important during all our tours. We have taken all necessary precautions to make sure the activities can be experienced in safe way. The boat is equipped with all necessary equipment. And we provide high quality and comfortable safety gear. 

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