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Sea Scooter Snorkeling


Sea Scooters are great fun for all levels of snorkeling! 

The sea scooters are easy to handle, they have 3 different speeds from slow cruising speed up to 5km/h. A great way to experience snorkeling if you are not a strong swimmer, the guide will stay close to you and swimming vests are available. 

The sea scooters are also good fun to play and dive down if you are a confident swimmer.

Book a Sea Scooter beach snorkel tour

Sea Scooters are also available on private REVOLVE boat tours


Stand Up Paddle Boarding

WhatSup got it's name when we started in 2019 with a mission: bring SUP boarding to Bonaire!

We pride ourself on the quality of our gear. All our SUP's are super good quality JOBE Inflatable boards. 

Join our instructor on a tour, book a lesson or rent a SUP package and take it to your favorite spots.

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Watersport with the

With our REVOLVE Boat we provide the perfect wakeboard experience. The smart tow system guarantees a gradual en safe launch. What makes getting up much easier. 

With high quality JOBE wakeboard equipment.

We have 4 different wakeboards, comforable neoprene vests and helmets. Everything you need for a successful wakeboard session.

We can provide basic wakeboard instructions.

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PNG peak.png

The Peak is a super fun towable, specially designed to fit in the bow of our REVOLVE boat. It is fast and playfull, you can lay down on your belly or sit on your knees. 

PNG Revolve.png

The Revolve is super fun to enjoy together. 
Lay down on your belly and hold on while you fly over the ocean.

PNG lunar.png

The Lunar towable is a two way towable. This Towable is perfect for families with kids. Even the little ones can join while sitting your lap driving slowly. It is truly fun for everyone.

The Lunar is available on the private family tour

PNG shark trainer.png
Shark trainer

The shark trainer is great for the little ones. 

The perfect towable to capture the basics of riding a towable or waterskis. Sit, lay down or stand up like a waterski. 

With quick rope release for safety.

All towables are an option on the private half day tour



Waterskis are available on private tours. 

The Allegre combo water skis are the perfect skis for all skill levels. These skis are suitable for both combo and slalom water skiing.

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Multiposition Board

The board has a handle with integrated tow hook and can be used with great variety. The multi position board is ready to be used in different positions; laying down, sitting, kneeboarding, standing up. This board is perfect for all water sport fanatics and at all levels.


Enjoy this towable together as a family. This two way towable is super fun for adults and kids and even the youngest kids can join this activity sitting on Your lap. 

Family towable

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Kids waterski trainers

The kids water skis are perfect for beginners. The detachable stabilizing bar keeps the skis together and makes starts easy. With quick release handle rope for extra safety. 


Super fun towable for our little ones. This towable is perfect to introduce watersports and get their confidence up. Sit like a rodeo, lay down or standing up. 

Kids shark towable

Revolve with kids

We offer a great selection of fun activities for kids. The older kids can often participate in all adult activities.

These activities are super fun for the little ones. Even the little ones are welcome on our tours. We can provide special life jackets for kids and infants on request. 

you can contact us for advise to find the most suitable activity for your family. 


Safety Gear


We truly have every size vest, from vests for infants to 5XL.

Our standard water sports vest are high quality impact vest made from neoprene, they offer a comfortable fit and more warmth. 

For the little ones we have special neoprene kids water sports vests in different sizes.

And for infants under the 20kg we offer high quality vests with extra floatation. 



We provide helmets with ear protection on all tow activities. Helmets are available in sizes XS to XL.

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Smart tow

Our REVOLVE boat is equipped with a smart tow system. 

This makes watersports much safer.. We can set a maximum speed to never go faster then your comfort. We can also choose 5 different launching profiles, this way we create a launch that builds up gradually and is always the same way so you know what to expect.